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I sit up for examine and interpret Liber AL vel Legis Using the lens of the reserve, I’m positive they’ll compliment each other in valuable means.

In my energy to comprehend the spinning discs in the diagram identified as out as determine A, I simply cannot know how the contents of both of these distinctive discs usually do not interfere with one another, other than as producing currents that bring in and repel, other than to mention the more mature and smaller sized 1 has practically nothing in it besides the Unmanifest, which by definition is vacant and meaningless so presents no resistance to the second induced motion of your ring chaos and its interface Using the ring cosmos, the ring pass not. Oh what entertaining!

John Michael Greer states: July four, 2018 at 2:forty five am One Observe just before I start out responding: I’m actually impressed because of the seriousness with which so A lot of people are pursuing this undertaking. I gained’t have that A lot to say to lots of the extended and much more thoughtful posts, because what’s taking place is that you’re grappling Along with the Thoughts during the textual content and it’s my task to remain outside of the best way and allow you to comply with your meditations where ever they just take you. Docshibby, you’re welcome. Temporaryreality, we did certainly!

Listed here’s the fascinating portion. I reread the chapter before I read through this article, and I used to be in a position to visualize almost everything. What altered?

Also, I can’t definitely discover what’s up with “the Logos like a Sunshine surrounded by His Photo voltaic Method of Planets and on the emanations from the Logos as Rays,” which was just style of popped into my edition after the introduction with the Unmanifest as interstellar space; she goes on promptly to convey which the Unmanifest is the one Unity, as well as the Logos seems to be presented as being a male image, and therefore half of a duality, although the feminine pole is not really pointed out.

Scotlyn says: June 18, 2018 at seven:09 am @JMG some even further thoughts and @Yanocoches whose thoughts are the ones that cohere with more ideas… “Nothing at all has the capacity to exist without having another thing, “this” indicates “that.”” It experienced struck me forcefully which the listing of issues the CD suggests the unmanifest is “without” – being “traits” and “background” – seems to be lacking the matter that a lot of human development stories mention – ie “romance”. Unity is with no marriage. The manifest commences when duality happens and connection gets to be achievable. To me, the potential of romance, whereby traits and history will subject, is what can make manifestation of finite beings valuable, and maybe, dare I say it, required.

This is extremely attention-grabbing Virtually a reversed schema of your abred -ceugant model. Considering evolution as going towards a point, as contracting or converging, has for a good even though been antithetical to my thinking; Conversely thinking about dissolution being an outward suction towards a perimeter of incomprehensible Full Article chaos would seem significantly less international.

Adding some dimensions helps make the visualization more difficult,but I do think lends some subtlety on the arrangement that qualified prospects in attention-grabbing directions.

Exciting to note, very last night I went in excess of the assigned text several situations scrupulously imagining Every single image. I did this until finally my head damage, and shortly fell asleep and dreamt abundantly and vividly.

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The picture of The 2 interacting forces, the more powerful and also the weaker, creating a curve which sooner or later, around good time/space, returns to its origin, grabbed at me in a means I can’t make Learn More clear. I pretty much held my breath for a moment and factors went however, and after that my palms tingled and my thoughts started racing with illustrations. This is the clearest experience I’ve still experienced that at times, symbolic pictures are speaking by using a A part of my Mind that isn’t the traditional acutely aware level.

The Logos, like “breath” (a issue fellow Inkling Owen Barfield wrote a complete guide on) had a really wide which means at some time it had been prepared. Logos is like the knowledge. In Plato, There is certainly the true entire world along with the theoretical, intangible, “heavenly” planet. For those who have a chair, you even have the template for just a chair. But! It is possible to possess the template for how to develop a chair in your thoughts, without chair everywhere in the world.

Clarification, be sure to: the spinning + flipping cosmos defines the sphere of Go-Not. However the Ring-Chaos ALSO rotates making a sphere exterior that? So its spin is sort of a flowing band of river, and its rotation is navigate here all-around a Polar Axis in a 90 degree angle to the first airplane of your cosmos (which by now is flipping and now not stays place in that airplane?). Oy. I'm not positive about the second sphere’s motion, see.

The other concept for my feelings now is the ideas as DF defines them of momentum vs. inertia, momentum getting the pressure producing movement and inertia currently being the pressure resulting in non-motion. I ponder if both of these forces also function a style of prime duality. The two have the standard of ‘inertia’ as defined in physics of factors continuing as They can be, bodies at relaxation tending to remain at rest and bodies in motion tending to remain in motion. And DF states that each variable is present in all movement. Each and every drive, momentum and inertia, acting alongside one another, acting on each other, generates change, otherwise no change would come about.

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